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At Rehabilities you'll discover that we are one of the few area practices owned and operated by a licensed therapists. This means our only concern is providing high-quality rehabilitation. Our therapist has years of clinical and pain management experience. You will find a family-oriented environment. Our staff is genuinely nice, extremely accommodating and highly compassionate. Using a high level of experience, knowledge and professional skills, our staff is committed to helping you achieve optimum results as quickly as possible. After working years in other clinical setting and not happy with the services provided by these facilities, we set out to change the way therapy was provided. We wanted to provide one-on-one therapy with a licensed professional. We really wanted to make a difference and we get our satisfaction from our patients satisfaction. Every patient that leaves here says the same thing, " why would anyone go anywhere else". The patients that really notice the difference are the ones who have had therapy at other clinics because they are able to compare services.
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